No Click or Tricks

M4 is a new kind of digital agency that creates
a real return on investment across all areas of your business. We build smart lead systems that dont aim to get you clicks but make the phone ring for your business.


The Sales Generating Engine (SGE) that we offer you is as simple as it is an effective platform that allows us to show you how and where the leads are coming from. We do this by measuring the traffic for you using a sophisticated tracking system that gives you the information you need to validate the return on your investment.

We provide this from the back end of the Sales Generating Engine and from your new allocated number that will divert to your business phone or mobile. Keeping in mind when you buy the system, we will personalise the site to link to and match your current website if you want us to or you can leave it as it is and just let us turn on the enquiries for you.

The system is structured to capture the search engines attention and make it easier for potential customers to find you and your business on the web. We incorporate a search booster pack which will enhance your campaign by adding a search engine promotion and have our SEO team giving the Sales Generating Engine a boost.

The success of the platform is in its simplicity by enhancing the Premium Domain Name with its search authority with a modern up to date website. Then adding over eight powerful directory listings, along with a Google Business Page and several search engine notifications to power up the platform.

All these combined working in unison will ensure your business stands out above your competitors. We have found that by focusing on the keyword search term and applying that to the Sales Generating Engine is designed specifically for the purpose of getting customers to call you or fill in the enquiry form.

Best of all, the whole system is live now! We update the website with your contact details, your offers, and your business features and information. We are happy to make additional adjustments to the website and update the wording, images, testimonials, or you can leave it as it is.

Features Of Your New Sales Generation Engine (SGE)

The offering I have made to you today incorporates over 12 components
with over 7 years of thorough testing, measuring, trial and error. In fact we have spent 1000s of hours
perfecting the most efficient, cost-effective lead generation platform. Most importantly, from your
point of view, all enquiries and results can be measured.

1. Let Your New (SGE) Work For You.

The website component of the Sales Generation Engine is the cornerstone of your new SGE. The website has been built using a responsive design platform, which means no matter which device you use to search the web to view the website, it will purposely reconstruct the page elements to best fit the device resolution which is used to view it, allowing for maximum positive user experience every time. In mid-2017, Google added the responsiveness of a website (mobile friendliness) as a ranking signal. This means if both you and your competition have websites which are not mobile responsive this will give you an advantage on ranking and potentially have your website ranking in a higher position then your competitors. All our website themes are responsive. This means the website we have created for you will look great on any device including smartphones and tablets. To test it out simply go to the domain name andview it now.

Your new websites will be optimised for search engines making it search well and easy to find. We will optimise the site with meta tags and keywords (these are the words Google is looking for in the search results) to ensure you get listed in the top results.

The site is compliant with iOS & Android Apps. It has excellent functionality for iOS and Android apps, which allows you to edit your website,
view analytics and more.

Retina Ready: You can upload images that display sharp and crisp on retina devices (such as iPhones and MacBooks)

All these features are included in this Sales Generating Engine that is designed for not only great looks and functionality but designed specifically to be found by the search engines and for the best organic rankings.

Cross-device compatibility (PC, MAC, Smartphones, Tablets)

Fast load times will increase your conversions, customers & foot-traffic.

Future-ready with flexibility and add-ons/plugins SEO friendly applications and built-in integration.

Flexibility with content changes.

Will will do whatever you want to brand this site to give it the look and feel that you're trying to achieve with your brand, we are happy to tailor the
website to suit you.

Your new Sales Generating Engine can also be linked back to your existing website to show the potential customer what your complete offering is, Or it can be stand-alone - whichever you prefer.

Most importantly your site is designed to be found on the world wide web and to get you more business.

2. Your New Key Word Rich Domain Name

Your domain name is what people type into the search engines to find your business type or what you are selling. If the consumer knows you, they may search for your business name. If they are doing a general search then it's unlikely they will find you.

We will connect this domain to the Sales Generating Engine and enable you to be the benefactor of these targeted and valuable searches.

The best part is that when you acquire the domain name as part of the package you own it outright and then it becomes part of your intellectual asset base,
which will add value to your business.

What you will be getting:

· Your own exact match domain name

Valuable and targeted Australian traffic for free!

· A strategic asset that gives you a competitive advantage and can help deliver a return on investment

· For example, if the search term gets 390 searches per month and if you were paying Google for the traffic, you would be paying $3.68 per click.

Whereas this SGE traffic you generate organically is free.

We can impact your revenue and profitability unlike any other company because we optimise all areas of your business’s online presence. We drive enquiries, revenue and increase your profits, that’s growth.

3. The Search Numbers For Your
New Exact Match Domain Name.

See example below for the search term "Perth Plumbing"

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 10.51.07 am

4. Your Own Live Chat Box. Shown to Increase
Conversion Rates By Over 80%


Time is money! Cut first response times to customer support questions in half.
Try it, it's live on the SGE right now.

Good experiences spread through word of mouth: 29% of consumers have told friends or colleagues about
a positive live chat experience

Live chat can increase purchases: 38% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company if they
offer live chat support

Live chat can boost customer loyalty: 51% of consumers are more likely to stay with or buy again from a
a company, if they offer live chat support

5. The World's Best Directories Are Now Yours!

10x Your results by getting these powerful directories working for you.

Google+ Maps optimised for voice search for your business including FAQs images and content focused on Snippet listings for your business name optimised for organic and voice search through Siri.

A Bing Map and listing for your business name optimised for organic, Alexa (Amazon) and Microsoft voice search tool.
We have already activated your directories.

Some are already live and the others are working their way through the verification process. See below, samples of the listings for
different business types or ask us to send you the live report of your directories now

Disclaimer: Our system automatically generates the most effective directories for your business type. The samples set out below may or may not be included in your package but we will ensure you have at least 6 Power directories that suit your business type, plus 3 search engine notifications along with
integration to your social media channels.

The above icons link to the most popular directory
listings, see below for examples of the directory pages.

6. Google Search Notification

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 11.21.40 am

Google Maps

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 11.23.21 am

Bing, Yahoo and Apple Maps

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 12.47.19 pm

Local Directory Services That The Search Engines Love

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 12.47.44 pm

Directories That Put You Where The Searches Are

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 1.47.49 pm

We Incorporate Maps And Your Business Call To Action Pages

7. Give The Search Engines What They Want And You
Will Be Rewarded With New Clients.

The 5 Key Elements of optimisation we use on your new SGE to enhance your online presence.

1. Holding video: We have added to your SGE a video that can be upgraded or changed if you wish. The purpose of the video is to simply get people to stay on your website longer. Videos take 2-3 minutes to watch that can double if not triple the time people spend on your SGE. The search engines love to see people spending time on your site as they believe the site must be interesting and/or have great content and for that, they will give you a ranking authority and a ranking search boost.

2. Q&A section: This is completed for 3 reasons A. Voice optimisation B. For your Google Business Page C. It saves you taking time to deal with simple questions that clients may need to know before making a buying decision.

3. Listing the suburbs that you service: Most businesses forget this simple rule. Add the list of all the suburbs you want to do business in. The search engines are always looking for sites that match types in geographical traffic. This is called hyperlocal marketing.

4. An aged domain name is key: One of the key components of your domain name is that it has a good search engine history. Google gives a significant boost to a website that has a domain name with not only the authority but also history. Like a bottle of red wine, the older the better.

5. Keyword rich content: This delivers what the search engines are looking for. Our dedicated SEO team work hand in hand with our content writers to ensure your site is found by the web crawlers that determine the ranking of the website, getting you in front of the customers.

8. Auto Responder Keeps Both You
And The Client Informed

This is not just an enquiry form, we use the latest technology to ensure that when the customers
send a request the system generates that contact. The Autoresponder then steps in and notifies
the client that the enquiry has been sent and asks the client for further information regarding their
enquiry to make quoting and/or pricing simple. Try it now, go to the website and try the Auto responder
and see how that takes your business to another level.

9. Your Organic Optimisation Campaign For
And The Future

We focus on using search engines tools that will optimise you in organic search results, making it easier for people to find you online. In particular, we believe that there should also be a focus on optimising for the upcoming search by voice, utilising online tools that optimise voice searches like Siri on the iPhone, Google devices like Android phones and Google Home plus the biggest player in voice - Amazon (through all of Alexa search tools).

There has been a 35-fold increase in voice search in the last 12 months alone. In fact, up to 60% of consumers are now using voice search. This may be only limited to simple instructions to Siri, Google or Alexa but we believe that in the near future, the majority of the "type in" searches will be replaced with voice searches. The experts in the field agree that they see this trend continuing to grow dramatically in the near future. We are also seeing large corporations that are involved in search scrambling currently optimising themselves for this very lucrative market. You are at the beginning of the bell curve here where you are entering the field of early adopters, cementing your position in the future of voice search. We believe there is no one else in the market that understands not only voice search but also what businesses need to do to blend both current and new world technologies to optimise search in these changing times.

10. Voice Search Optimisation

As very few businesses are optimised for this type of search, there are very few competitors in this space giving you a significant competitive advantage in this search space. Optimising for voice search is completely different to optimising for a normal Google search. During a voice search, artificial intelligence is looking to not only translate the search from voice to text but then match it with the best result.

The way you can optimise this is not only getting the domain name that matches the search terms people use for your category, but then adding the tools and technology that assist these searches. The key here is to get found in the local directories, then link these to the voice search terms used to optimise your website with those search words. The advantage of the establishment of the voice search and reporting system is, to maximise the keywords and search terms which therefore boosts your normal search results and maximises your exposure online. For further information visit

11. FAQ We Add Key Word Questions And
Answers To The SGE For Search

An example of the voice search term used by consumers for "Luxury bathrooms"

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 3.00.26 pm

12. We Like To Be Measured Online And Offline

Each of the sites we build incorporates Google analytics. You can track your progress on the web with over 50 search stats each month to your inbox giving you an overview of your website's performance from the search numbers to consumer engagement. This way you know what leads your generating from the SGE.

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 3.19.31 pm

13. We Allocate You A State Of The Art Call Measuring Platform

We incorporate the worlds latest intuitive and powerful call tracking solution for data-driven marketers. This will measure call conversions from search, offline and digital marketing campaigns, including PPC keywords.

When the phone rings it will announce that it is an incoming call from an M4 SGE, with the ability call record, if you wish. This allows you to easily qualify leads, improving customer service and coaching your staff. You can also log in any time and see exactly where the calls come from - a significant edge.

This gives your business the ability to count, monitor and listen to all calls
generated from your M4 SGE. No grey areas here!

"Every one of our clients receives a real person as a
Dedicated Account Manager who is there for you.
All businesses are different and require specific tactics."